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To which you can hold us accountable. 

At Editing Nature, we are committed to:

1.  Providing balanced, comprehensive, and accurate information.

  • Dedication to just decision-making processes not the advocacy for or against a given biotechnology.

  • Balanced inclusion of multiple knowledge systems (including indigenous and local knowledge, natural and social sciences, humanities, and the arts).

  • Expanding definitions of expertise beyond technical and scientific experts.

  • Presenting information that is transparent, credible, and has integrity.

2.  Creating a safe, welcoming, diverse, and open community for the exploration of ideas.

  • Adhering to a Code of Conduct to guarantee respect, recognition of power imbalances, and accountability.

  • Providing an accessible platform.

  • Giving attention to the power of narratives and words (recognizing different perceptions of language).

  • Being committed to establishing shared understandings; finding a connectedness, not a consensus.

  • Ensuring diverse representation. 

  • Creating sustained relationships. 

3.  Actively countering systemic inequality and injustice and dismantling systemic injustice, inequity, and structures of white supremacy.

  • Always recognizing histories of structural injustice and their legacies today. 

  • Designing research questions with the clear intention of dismantling systems of injustice, inequity, and structures of oppression.

  • Recognizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of different justice movements.

  • Standing in solidarity with our partners working towards justice and using our platform and privilege to amplify their cause and building capacity for change.

4.  Recognizing our responsibility to all human and nonhuman life - past, present, and future.

  • Dedicated to giving voice to those that don't have voice.  

  • Appreciating the interconnectedness of all living and nonliving things and our shared planetary future.

  • A willingness to see beyond the human to appreciate the intrinsic value of non-humans and ecosystems.

5.  Continuous learning and humility.

  • Dedicating time to reflect on a personal, institutional, and societal level.

  • Demonstrating an openness to new ideas, feedback and critique. 

  • Being accountable by acknowledging and repairing our mistakes.